Friday, February 27, 2009

This is going to be a quasi-angry post....

So, my Spartans played on Wednesday night. They beat Iowa, maintained their Big Ten lead, etc., etc. These are all things I have no issue with. Here is my problem: TURNOVERS.

It's been an issue all year and I'm pretty much over it. Michigan State is a great team. There are a lot of things about them I love--They always play hard, they rebound, they play physical basketball, they're unselfish, they play like a true team and they seem to really listen to Izzo. However, the excessive turnovers are KILLING me. We did a lot of great things against Iowa, yet they stayed in the game for way longer than they should have because of those TOs (well, and some lapses on D, but that's a smaller issue for me at the moment). And the thing is, the turnovers they are making are their own fault. Sloppy passes, ball-handling issues, things like that. And with some teams that aren't quite as good, we can get away with it. But don't TELL me turnovers were not as issue in the Purdue game and they weren't all forced. And don't TELL me that if they are throwing the ball away in the Illinois game this Sunday that Chester Frazier isn't going to take that ball and scamper down to the other end for a layup. BECAUSE HE WILL. That crap doesn't fly in the NCAA tournament. And the Big Ten regular season title has the potential to slip away if they don't tighten up.

I want a Big Ten title and I want it now. Take care of the basketball. Please and thank you. :)

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  1. This is a great piece Wigs! I can't agree more. I'm sick of turnovers on cross court passes. Most notably, Walton on the top of the key! Come on senior!!! Turnovers with three point guards in the lineup piss me off as well. Summers for all his athleticism makes alot of Paul Davis broken robot passes.

    Other than the turnovers, I like our chances...