Monday, February 9, 2009


WHEW!! I am still catching my breath after that THAT is the kind of game I like to see...not the PRETTIEST of games, but still--frenetic pace, physical play, bodies flying, everyone diving for loose balls, winner and loser decided by the last second...I would say the only thing missing was Gus Johnson (yes, he's out of his mind, but damn it, he makes every game feel like it's life or death. Don't tell me you don't secretly enjoy his ridiculousness).

Mizzou I think is so unique to watch because they are so in-your-face and can take teams so out of their game. They forced Kansas into 27 (yes, TWENTY SEVEN) turnovers. They need to work a little bit on taking better advantage of them (they didn't always make Kansas pay for it) but on the plus side, it CLEARLY worked. And the leadership of DeMarre Carroll was outstanding--talk about stepping up and making big shots when needed. And the final awesome. Zaire Taylor (love that name so I had to find a way to work it in...thankfully he made the game-winner) made a great ball fake and got a lil shooter's bounce...I won't bore you with X's and O's, I'll just say: AWESOME.

I've actually been really impressed with Kansas this year as well...I know I'm not the only person who's a little surprised by how well they've done, but frankly I didn't expect them to be ranked this season. I believe in the beginning of the season I said "they'll be fine...they'll finish third or fourth in the Big 12, but not really a national power." Me = clearly wrong. They have some youth and inexperience still, but (unfortunately for the rest of us) will definitely continue to be a force in the college basketball world.

One thing that I was REALLY disappointed to see, however, was Sherron Collins stepping up to the line and missing 2 clutch free throws for the Jayhawks. As a veteran player who's had a pretty big role on a national championship team, missing those was pretty much unacceptable. I know, I get it--there's a lot of pressure, the crowd is loud blah blah blah. Here's where I get on my soapbox: Nothing ticks me off more than players and teams who can't make free throws. I'M not a Division I basketball player....I can make free throws. It is a basic fundamental of the game. Period. Get on the line and learn how to do it. It's FREE POINTS. That is all.

PS--Props to the entire Missouri crowd. Their team was down 14 points, yet at the end of the game, that place was still packed and loud as could be. Don't tell me those fans didn't have something to do with their team coming back and pulling out a huge victory.

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