Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Thoughts...

1.) I normally don't end up enjoying hyped players too much. In general, other forms of media usually overexpose athletes (think Tyler Hansborogh and Tim Tebow) so much that most people get really sick of them really quickly. Even if they're good, the majority of people wind up hating them, counting the minutes until they leave just so we don't have to hear about them anymore. However, I have to say that after watching John Wall play in the last week or so, I don't think it will be very easy for me to take my eyes off him.

This kid is incredible. He's fast, he plays hard, he has some great moves around the basket--I could go on and on. The other thing that strikes me is that in addition to his talent, he seems to be pretty unselfish as well. He has no problem drawing the defense and dishing at the last second and he always looks up the court to see who's there. Most likely he'll only be around for one year, which is too bad, but I personally am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

2.) One thing I did notice about Wall (and Kentucky in general) is that for as talented as they are, their youth has a tendency to show through. In both the UNC and UConn games, I've noticed that they come out swinging, grab a big lead and then seem to flip on the cruise control. They get really sloppy, make bad passes, throw the ball away and have poor shot selection, allowing teams to turn it on and close the gap. Granted, the fact that UNC and UConn have extremely talented and experienced teams and coaches probably contributes to that fact the Kentucky didn't win going away, but regardless of those facts, controlling lazy play is in their hands. If they have an Achilles' heel, it appears that their inexperience is it. That will most likely change as the season goes on, but it may also cost them in close games or come tournament time.

3.) Sorry to be offensive, but I am pretty sick and tired of hearing about how amazing Kansas is. There. I said it. I'm not saying they aren't talented--they are. I'm not saying they don't deserve to be #1--I don't necessarily think they do, but they have provided no reason not to be. But you know what? They have one of the softest schedules EVER. Look at it. Ok, they played Memphis. Wow...a club that is somewhat rebuilding and adjusting to a new coach...not the Memphis of old. Yeah, they played UCLA....a GUTTED UCLA team who is struggling more than they have in years. Their first RANKED OPPONENT isn't until mid-January, when they take on Tennessee. Thus far? Their schedule boasts such powerhouses as Radford, Alcorn State and LaSalle. There are a few decent teams in there, like Michigan, Belmont and Temple--but where is the challenge? Where are the multiple ranked opponents? I mean, I get that these schedules are often made years in advance and you can't always tell who will be strong or not, but come on. PLAY SOMEONE. GO SOMEWHERE. Everyone has their cupcakes and it IS possible (though unlikely) that those so-called "cupcakes" can take out the giants. But frankly, Kansas' schedule is full of baked goods. Say what you will about other schools, but even places like North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, Texas, Syracuse, etc. take on some tough competition (usually each other) in the preseason.

So you know what? Kansas may be a great team--but they won't have my respect until they play with the big boys.

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  1. I love your hatred of Kansas.

    Bill Self is a weanie. Nothing you can say to dispute that.

    I do however want to make one point about the schedule. I'm sure when he booked UCLA and Memphis... they were good teams then. It's hard to predict when a team is going to rise and fall like that, when making a schedule.

    Just another example of how Izzo is a class act. Roy Williams does this well too. Even scUM gets out there and takes some people on.