Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Hate to Say "I told you so....oh I don't...

Sorry the posts have lacked. For the 5 people that read this, I'm in South America covering the Dakar Rally which leaves no availability for watching television, mostly because we don't have any.

Despite this, I refer you to my previous comments regarding Kansas. What happens the first time they play a non-cupcake (i.e....Tennessee)? THEY LOST. Granted, I didn't see the game, so really I shouldn't even be talking, but I just felt compelled to point that out.

Again, Kansas is a very good team, there are no doubts about that and they will be excellent come tournament time. HOWEVER, my point was merely that when a team plays cupcakes the whole non-conference schedule, they don't deserve to be raved about and they don't deserve to be #1. Congrats to Texas and guys are PROVING you belong at the top.

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  1. After a miserable non-conference performance... I have to hand it to our Spartans. Proving to be taking the January swing once again.

    Although, I'm still concerned about no depth in the front court. Sherman and/or Nix have to find a way to eat up some minutes. Green will wear out by tournament time if he has to pour his heart out every game...