Friday, December 4, 2009

Maybe We Can Beat UNC Before the End of the Century...

...but it isn't looking good. Due to travel for work, I wasn't able to watch this game. However, my good friend Sarah took notes during the game and passed me her thoughts. I would like to share them with you, since I did enjoy them so much (though I did NOT enjoy the outcome).

"Thoughts on UNC-MSU"
by Sarah G., guest blogger

~UNC was scoring lights out ridiculous, so that sucked a lot. It was like they had Hansbrough pixie dust on them and could not be stopped, so that was a rather large factor.

~MSU did battle back from a 19-point deficit, so I was proud that they didn't just roll over. But it was just really not their night--or it was just really UNC's night, like they made a ridiculous 3 pointer at the first half buzzer and EVERYTHING was falling in.

~In the 2nd half, Morgan got an awesome steal....and then ran into Lucas...wah wah...and then both Roe and Green fouled out.

~Draymond Green was amazing. I love him. He is just such a good all-around player. Making great passes, grabbing rebounds, totally tough and committed to the game. And at the end, after he fouled out, he gathered everyone up and gave them a mini-pep talk or something. SO CUTE. And he made all his free throws.

~Chris Allen started off well. He was actually playing defense and grabbing rebounds and then he did his weird Allen disappearing act.

~Raymar Morgan had a great game and Durrell Summers remembered how to score 3s again.

~Sherman seemed to be trying his best, but....he's got a ways to go to be a true defensive threat.

So that's it!! Please feel free to share your thoughts on the game!!

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