Thursday, March 10, 2011

2010-2011 All WIGS team

It's that time again folks! Again, as always, my All-Wigs team is not necessarily the "best" players--just my favorites from this year and I only pick from teams that I've been able to watch several times over the course of the season. Feel free to let me know who YOUR faves are...Enjoy!

This kid is ridiculous. He's often the smallest guy on the floor--but his quickness and toughness render that irrelevant. He drives hard to the basket and no matter who is around him, when a shot goes up, he's fighting for the ball. He's the most experienced guy on his team and in late-game situations, he's clearly the player who's going to take the big shot...and he MAKES it. Step back fadeaway at the buzzer to beat Pitt, anyone?

My love of Pressey is well-documented. He's young, gutsy, can shoot from the parking lot and has a ton of potential to develop in to a huge star for the Tigers.

Show me a player that's tougher than this guy. He plays hard, he plays hurt and loves to defend. Roe has been my favorite MSU player since he was a freshman and I don't care what anyone says about how he "hasn't played to his potential." He hasn't had a healthy season in 3 years. Still, he bangs on the boards, goes up strong and is always willing to sacrifice his body to make a play. When Draymond Green was going for his triple-double against Penn State, Roe was undercut and STILL made the shot. When he got up, the first thing he did was ask Green if he got the triple-double. Love it! But then, I wouldn't expect any less from a kid who walked into the Breslin with a giant tattoo of Sparty's face on his arm.

As an opposing fan, I cringe every time he touches the ball. As a college basketball fan, I love every time he touches the ball. He's just a pure shooter and to me, that's fun to watch.

This guy is so important to his team, it's unreal. Without him, they never would have beaten Ohio State and when he struggles, the Badgers do too. He's strong and skilled and embodies what it means to be a Bo Ryan team...always underrated to start the year, plays tough, doesn't turn it over, locks down on defense and by the end of the season, EVERYONE knows his name.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: JaJuan Johnson, Purdue; Derrick Williams, Arizona

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  1. The All-Zerfas team.

    Kalin Lucas, Isaiah Thomas, JaJuan Johnson, Seth Curry, Jacob Pullen, Corey Stokes, Tim Abromaitis.

    Pretty guard heavy.