Sunday, March 14, 2010

Real-Time Blog diary


In honor of the day, here is a real-time diary of my thoughts during the show as brackets were revealed. It may not be that interesting, but there you are.

5:00 pm: Reveal of #1 seeds. I called all four. No surprises there, especially as Kansas as overall.

Then a background of the way the bracket is set up--really?!!? Really.

Everyone is a buzz that Duke was seeded over Syracuse. Uh, why? Duke just won their conference tournament--Syracuse did not. End of story. Also, they are STILL A 1.

Midwest bracket--immediate reactions...
Kansas vs. Lehigh--poor Lehigh.
Oh great...New Mexico State.
Maryland is a four?!? I hate this bracket.
WE ARE IN THE SAME BRACKET AS OSU!?!? This is super tough.
Georgetown vs. Ohio...pretty sure the Bobcats don't have anyone who can handle Greg Monroe.
Tennessee vs. San Diego State....don't know much about SDSU, but that one could go either way.

Overall, I am NOT a fan of this bracket. It is tough, tough, tough. However, I have faith in my Spartans that however far they go, they will have to earn it. It will be a test to see what this team can really do.

Syracuse--YAY!! I love them and want them to do well.

Kansas State as a 2 seed seems a little high to me. I haven't been super impressed with them, but who knows?!? I think they will at least get out of the first round.

A little surprised to see Florida...I didn't see too much of them or what they've done and didn't think they really did anything to deserve getting in.

Glad for Minnesota, they really played hard and have a lot of talented kids. But I think that means Illinois will be on the outside this year, which is a little disappointing. My Big Ten bias wanted them to make it.


Texas is announced as a #8. Everyone seems shocked. Why!? Texas has been crashing for the last month and a half. I vote Wake Forest takes them out.

Temple vs. Cornell....Cornell is a pretty tough funny would it be if THIS was the 5/12 "upset?"

WISCOSIN GOT A FOUR AND WE ARE A FIVE!?! HOW DOES THAT WORK?!?! ABSOLUTE CRAP. WE WON OUR CONFERENCE. THEY DID NOT. We BOTH lost in the quarterfinals of the Big how do THEY get seeded over US!?!?

West Virginia--#2 seed is fair.

Clemson vs. Missouri...2 mediocre teams going at it. That should be exciting...

New Mexico a

Marquette gets revealed with a dad has a thought about this...
Dad: See, that's blue collar. They're at a bar. That's my kind of team!

All the announcers are talking about how Kentucky has such a tough road.. Oh, cry about it. No offense to Texas, but I don't really think they are a "challenge." Sorry.


Duke gets the play-in game...I still don't get how they figure that one out. Anyone know?

Cal vs. Lousiville....I am going Louisville there.

Purdue as a 4 seed....that is fair.
Siena as a 13 vs. Purdue...that is a TOUGH draw for Purdue. I could see that one going either way.


This region doesn't illiicit a super-strong reaction for me. BUT overall, I am FIRED UP...I think there are some great match-ups here...HAPPY MARCH MADNESS!!

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