Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get comfortable kids....This is going to be a long one...

Michigan State in the Elite Eight.....It feels good saying it.

It didn't feel so good watching it, but the end result was quite pleasurable, so it's okay. I literally think my heart wanted to stop working completely because it certainly got a workout Friday night. It was in my stomach, then in my throat, then racing, the stopping....yikes! I almost couldn't handle that game.

Honestly, I wish I could give some detailed, well-thought-out analysis of how they did this, that and the other to crawl back into the game and win.....but I can't. I was so immersed in that moment, I literally have no idea how it happened. All I remember is the following from the last few minutes:

1.) Kansas missed some shots and MSU got the rebounds, despite getting killed on the boards all game.
2.) Kalin Lucas is awesome
3.) They hit free throws
4.) Kalin Lucas is awesome

That's all I've got. Which brings me to another point....Here's the backstory. I'm on the CBS website, looking up the schedule for the games today and I see a link to an article about how "there's no I in the Michigan State team" I click on it...

And read that. Kind of the most back-handed compliment ever. Apparently Michigan State has no talent, they have NO chance against Louisville and the only reason they won was because Izzo has convinced them that it is possible. Right. Oh, and don't worry--the defense that they won the Big Ten and have the Big Ten Offensive AND Defensive Players of the Year doesn't work because the Big Ten is terrible. But here's the best part--"I've seen Michigan State twice this year." Really?!? As far as I'm concerned, it takes a LOT of audacity to call yourself a college basketball writer and then write a long article making massive generalizations about an entire team you've only watched twice. Because now not only am I fired up but I have no respect for you or anything you write from here on out. Nice work.

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